How this all began:

Witches Of Flame was born one warm summer evening with a discussion G.S.Davis had with his father as they sat in their home in Houston, Texas.  G.S.Davis -an avid space and science fiction fan- was relating some of the more bizarre stories of the first American  female astronauts, Dr. Resnik and Dr. Ride.  Earlier, he had told his father about Werner Von Braun's original Mars program built on Apollo hardware.  His father looked at him and said "Why are you wasting your time working on someone elses' Intellectual Property?  (This was a reference to the comic Tamerlane that G.S. Davis has been writing for so many years and can -rightfully so-never sell or make money from). A lightbulb went on and the Witches were here.


Even though G.S.Davis had a lot of knowledge coming into the project, the sheer MASS of information was overwhelming.  It took a few years to go from concept to even writing the story arc.  Davis studied the notes left behind from Dr. Ride as well as anecdotal stories from Dr. Resnik, Dr. Sullivan, Dr. Fisher, Dr. Seddon and Dr. Lucid.  He also researched the Mercury 13, notes and stories from General Tereshkova.  To gather the data for the Apollo and Ares missions, he researched the works of Wernher von Braun, especially his work in Das Marsprojekt.  A number of alternate NASA projects appear in Witches: The "Big G" Gemini concept; The MOL concept; Advanced Gemini; And of course, the entire Apollo project is as it would have been without the cancellation of the flights starting in January of 1970. He also builds a lot of the story around NERVA, the entire project of nuclear rockets that were being built in Area 25 (Jackass flats, NV), Astonishingly, as much as this SOUNDS like science fiction, this engine actually WAS commissioned by the United States and tested and was (In the real world) cancelled in 1972.

Who is G.S. Davis?

Guy Davis goes by the professional name "G.S." because there is another "Guy Davis" who writes comics for Dark Horse (And they are awesome).  He lives in Denver, Colorado, is married and raises a kid and two cats that don't want to get along with one another.  A life-long Trekkie (Star Trek fan), his world was forever changed when he went to the 1984 Worlds Fair in New Orleans, LA.  His father pointed to the Mississippi river and said "There's the Enterprise!" Thinking that he would be seeing Captain Kirk's famous fictional starship, he was perplexed to see what looked like a squat airplane sitting on a barge.  His disappointment was short-lived, though. Standing under the rows of heat ablative tiles, each one individually tagged with a serial number, something awesome clicked in him:  this Enterprise was an ACTUAL space ship... not fiction...  This was real.  His love of Non-Fictional Space was born.

1984-Enterprise at 84 Worlds Fair

The Enterprise at The 84 Worlds fair.

(I don't know who took this picture, sorry about that)

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