You disabled comments?!?!?

Hi… I know people are noticing that I’ve disabled comments on the individual pages… I promise I held out for a LONG time before finally giving in… my Tamerlane comic ultimately had 3000 spam posts per comic page every week… And the way that Word Press is set up, you can only delete 10 at a time… so I was spending an hour or more a week deleting spam messages from Tamerlane… so I’ve just disabled comments from Witches… I’m sorry guys! 🙁 I can still be reached, though! You can always contact me on the Facebook page: Witches on Facebook

Or Follow me on Twitter: @gsdavisart

I do have an email, it’s “info” at this domain (You can figure that out… but I don’t want the bots to figure it out 😀 )  At least until the spammers figure that one out, I’m monitoring it regularly, so if you want to chat, I’m still there!

Or, certainly If you want to discuss Witches with me and see artwork and unpublished things,  you can also become a Patron at ! Or maybe you just want to toss a dollar or two a month my way! 🙂